I worked with John as I navigated a major vocational shift. He helped me navigate the various professional, emotional and logistical concerns of leaving the corporate world in order to pursue a more mission-driven path. John is a warm, thoughtful, sensitive, and compassionate human being. If you are looking for a someone to accompany you through a challenge, look no further!
— Kirk, Washington, DC
John guided me through a major transitional time in my life. I had just relocated my family 1,000 miles to a completely new environment and was struggling with everything that comes along with building a new community. Oh and never mention the fact that I had a brand new job! John supported me through all of the new discoveries I was making about myself and how I wanted to show up with the fresh opportunities I was experiencing. He helped me bring out my confidence and own my journey. I am thriving (and my family is too!) because of the support I received during my coaching sessions with John. I don’t know where we would be without him!
— Megan, Florida
John has a unique coaching style that seeks to address the whole person, while also working toward individualized goals. His approach is holistic, yet practical and personable, helping clients to address core issues as well as achieve more immediate goals.
— S.J., Chicago
John is a fantastic coach to work with. He is very intuitive and helped me see the meaning being my words that I wasn’t even noticing. I was able to work with John to tackle everything from the mundane day-to-day patterns that I wished to change my perspective on, as well as open up to exploring a new way of dealing with larger challenges at my job. Not only has working with John been fun, but I also feel like I gained a non-judgmental friend that I can trust with anything. I could not have been more relaxed than with any other coach than John, and highly recommend him if you are considering coaching!
— Mary T., Maryland
As soon as one meets John, one is instantly assured that he is listening, interested and curious about with what one might be struggling. I came to work with John after crossing paths in the advocacy world and I was not disappointed. John meets his clients where they are, actively listens, and offers sound reframing, suggestions and guidance. I was navigating a potential job loss and John and I developed a plan of action as I contemplated my options. Thankfully, that didn’t happen but we explored so many other valuable issues that I will be working on in the next year. John is very intelligent, funny, insightful and kind. I recommend him without hesitation.
— Kimberly B., Washington, DC