Hi! I'm John Sawyer. I'm a coach.

I work with mission-driven professionals to live happier and work healthier, by cultivating mindfulness, balance and self-care. 


who I AM


I'm a life and leadership coach focused on "opening the way" for my clients to unwind their limiting beliefs and realize their dreams. I have an insatiable curiosity about humans and what makes us tick, a belief in personal relationships as the basis for progress and self-compassion as the means to more fulfilling work and a richer, more balanced life. 

I bring to coaching more than fifteen years experience working in advocacy, legislation and public policy, promoting health care access and social justice. 


what I DO

As a coach, I’m here to walk with you on your personal and professional journey. Together we’ll identify your goals, brainstorm strategies, explore what may be blocking you, and make and execute your plans for change.

My approach to coaching rests on the belief that as an individual, you have everything you need to live the life you want to live. Our work together is about figuring out the tools, concepts and ideas that will get you there, and putting that plan into action.



Some examples of the kinds of things I love to work on with clients:

Self-care in service of a mission: working with mission-driven professionals to cultivate personal and professional wellness, balance and self-care.

Mindful career planning and goal-setting: using simple and powerful mindfulness tools both to push back against overwhelm and distraction in our work, while aligning who we are with what we do.

Strategic thought partner: collaborating with local and national leaders to realize their personal, professional and organizational goals and navigate complex situations.